Eating Vegan – For Real?

eattoliveOne of the most frequent questions I get in practice is “how on Earth can anyone eat this way forever?”

Of course this is a common question, and often indicates that a patient is willing to make changes but is still quite defensive/resistant. This is still a good sign. When one is challenged to make life-long habits go away, enormous resistance, food nostalgia, and sometimes even anger come to the surface.

I often say to may patients: is it “Eating to Live” or “Living to Eat? “When they realize that my suggestions are there to help offer a cure, disease burden reduction, or even disease remission, many people become more willing to try this.

In short, plant-based eating is a lifestyle – it’s not a fad, short-time solution, or passing diet — the goal is to make it a permanent part of the way one lives. And with time, usually 2-3 weeks, most people’s addictions to the foods they thought they loved go away. Foods once thought less tasty suddenly reveal all of their delicious tastes so often taken for granted — like whole grains and fresh fruits and vegetables. And these days, with so many amazing vegan options that are easy to prepare, pre-prepared, or available in restaurants, it’s so easy to do this ALL the time.

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Welcome, Plant-Based Friends!

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