About VeganCardiologist.com

Freeman2014-smallWelcome! VeganCardiologist.com started in 2014, to help enable the public to use food as medicine and reduce dependence on medicines, procedures, and bad outcomes. Founded by Andrew Freeman, MD, FACC, a preventive cardiologist in Denver, CO.

My story? Well it all started in 2012. I had spent the prior 3 years reading everything I could about nutrition and prevention. I watched every documentary I could find. I had been asking myself for years whenever I ate meat or cheese where exactly it came from and always had been uneasy about it. Finally, I read the last page of Dr. Colin Campbell’s The China Study and pulled the trigger. From that point forward, I would forever be a vegan. From there, I changed everything I ate, became an avid reader and evaluator of plant-based studies, and worked hard to integrate all of the new knowledge I had. I gave up my daily milk in my coffee, cheese at nearly every meal, and watched my waist size decrease.  Growing up in NY meant giving up hot dogs, pastrami, pizza, deli, and home cooked brisket and burgers — bit within 2 weeks I never looked back or missed it… I even decided to re-do my life insurance physical and got a rebate check from my insurer — no kidding — it really does work!

From there, I was hooked. I became an exerciser, an advocate, and a impassioned speaker on the topic of lifestyle medicine. I aimed to educate, empower, and change the lives of my friends, family, and peers. Low and behold… the VeganCardiologist was born.

I decided that years of throwing meds at people couldn’t be right — there had to be a better way — and there was — fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and simple whole foods. A pinch of change and a pound of cure.

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