How does eating plants help my heart?

This is the question I get regularly. Why do this? Why do plants help?

Hippocrates, the founder of modern medicine said “Let food by thy medicine,” and he wasn’t wrong. Life wasn’t meant to be lived on lifelong medicines. It was meant to feel great, be active, and eat right without dependence on long term medication pills. And, as such, with eating plants, there are enormous health benefits from preventing cancer all the way to preventing and treating heart disease.

Following a whole foods, whole grain, plant-based, low fat, low salt, whole-foods diet not only lowers cholesterol and blood pressure (which are known contributors to heart disease) but also lowers weight, reduces are cures diabetes (a major contributor to heart disease) and improves energy levels allowing more exercise (a major preventer of heart disease).

There are very few studies showing much in the reversal of heart disease. While statin drugs have been shown in very high doses to effect minimal coronary disease reversal, work by Dr. Esselstyn (SEE FIGURE) have shown marked angiographic (a test to show the coronary arteries) disease reversal, and abatement in angina (chest pain from heart disease). Literally following a lifestyle of plant-based diets, exercising regularly, and practicing mindfulness can do more for your health than most procedures or medicines. However, it requires commitment… a very firm commitment.

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